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Updated: May 15, 2020

After booking your wedding venue you will begin searching for your preferred makeup artist for your special day. When you come across an artist you love and who you think would be perfect for your wedding day you'll want to secure your date with them and book in a trial session to try out some looks for your special day. In doing so you'll get to know your chosen artist and to see how they work.

After doing many weddings I have learnt the best way to get the most out of your makeup trial. I have created a guide to help you prepare for your bridal trial.



  • I recommend booking trials within the 6 month lead up to your wedding date as by this point you will have your wedding dress and have a good idea of the overall look you would like to go for your wedding day. I take detailed notes and photographs at the trial in order for me to easily re create your chosen look on your wedding day.


  • Have a selection of pinterest images saved in a gallery. Its best to chose images of women who have a similar skin tone and hair colour to you as the same makeup style can look dramatically different on different skin tones etc.

  • Once you have selected your images its a good idea to think about what it is that you are drawn to with the makeup look. Perhaps you love the lipstick shade in one image and in another you love the skin. Try to be able to identify what it is you like about the images you have selected.


  • When comparing to instagram and pinterest images be realistic in what is achievable. Some images online are heavily edited or the makeup is applied heavier for the camera. Therefore in reality this can look very harsh to the natural eye. However everything can still be achieved just with a less dramatic and more flattering effect which will look great in both real life and in photographs.


  • Makeup trials generally take 2 hours.


  • I recommend that for your trial you wear a top/dress that is a similar colour to your wedding dress. This is because the same makeup could look incredibly different against red, white and black clothing.


  • Arrive at the trial with a makeup free face this includes eyebrow product, concealer and mascara. Apply your skin care as you normally would. When you arrive I will provide a full cleanse and skin care routine to suit your skin type before I start to apply makeup.

  • I recommend bringing along with you some images of how you would normally do your makeup in order for me to get a better understanding of your style and how you like to wear your makeup.


  • If you're thinking of tanning for your wedding day then I would recommend for you to apply your tan for your trial. This is because the colours you choose will look different against different skin tones.

By following all these tips above you'll have a very successful and enjoyable bridal trial, leaving you excited for the big day itself!

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